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COMM1 Radio Simulator Awards
2007 Aviation Scholarship

December 29, 2007
Jefferson, MD

The e-publishing group Board of Directors announced the award of the Seventh Annual COMM1 Aviation Scholarship to a worthy aviator recipient.

Rebekah Bennett, 21 of Vista, CA will receive a $1,000 scholarship award to help defray tuition and flight training expenses and assist in her continued pursuit of a career in aviation. In addition to the scholarship funds, Bennett will receive a COMM1 VFR Radio Simulator CD-ROM training program to augment her flight training.

The e-publishing Board reviewed and deliberated over the applications submitted for consideration. Out of the many worthy and inspiring applicants, Bennett’s application was selected on the basis of a number of criteria including:

  • Outstanding aviation career aspiration
  • Exceptional academic and flight training record
  • Excellent recommendation from pilot mentor; and
  • Compelling financial need for the scholarship funds.

Rebekah Bennett is enrolled in the Aviation Flight Technology program at San Diego Christian College. Currently in her senior year, Bennett is on schedule to graduate with honors. As a member of the San Diego Christian College Flight team, she has placed in several regional competition events during the past year. Carole Bailey, Aviation Director at San Diego Christian College, describes Rebekah as a ‘very conscientious student’, who ‘attacks challenges with a positive attitude.’

Having received her private pilot certificate in June 2006, Bennett is now focusing her attention on obtaining her CFI certificate and multi-engine rating. Upon graduation from San Diego Christian College, Bennett plans to instruct gaining valuable experience while training for her Airframe and Powerplant certificates. Bennett’s ultimate aviation career aspirations are also commendable; she desires to fly for a mission organization, serving others through aviation.

The Annual COMM1 Aviation Scholarship Program is pleased to financially assist individuals with their personal and professional pursuits in aviation. It is at the core of an ongoing series of efforts by the developers of COMM1 Radio Simulators to raise awareness about the importance of pilot communications proficiency at all levels of flight training and to improving aviation safety.

The COMM1 pilot communications training series is heralded as “a tremendously innovative training tool” and “an essential supplement to any flight training syllabus” by ground and flight instructors at some of the most prestigious aviation universities, military and flight training facilities in the country.

In the past five years, more than 30,000 pilots and instructors have used COMM1 interactive CD-ROM products for primary VFR and instrument communications training. e-publishing group is pleased to offer qualified flight instructors a $20.00 discount onCOMM1VFR, IFR and Clearances on Request (advanced IFR departure clearance exercises).

The COMM1 product line is proudly written and developed by-pilots-for-pilots. To order COMM1 aviation communication training products, call toll-free 1-888-333-2855. Or visit our website at for complete courseware outlines, demo lessons and online order form.

For more information about COMM 1Radio Simulator, contact:
e-publishing group
Becky Barkley
1-888-333-2855 (toll free) 1-301-620-9500 (global)

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